Elisha M. Parris, Jr.

"Tell Ya In A Second", 2000
Segue (Jazz) Segue Records
(Composer / Producer / Performer)
-Tell Ya In A Second
-Som'em Som'em
-Chick On The Brain
-La Noche
-Wishing You Were Here
-After The Storm
-Home With The Kids
"Praise & Worship Vol I", 2004
Elisha Parris & Heart's Desire (Gospel)  Paritea
(Engineer / Composer / Producer / Performer)
-Strong Soldier
-Sweetest Name
-Lift The Savior High
-Glory To Your Name
-This Is The Day
-Sacrifice of Praise
-N Praise
-I Worship You
-Holy Ghost
-Jesus I Love You
-I've Got Joy
"Sanctuary", 2007
Elisha Parris & Heart's Desire (Gospel) PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer, Producer, Performer)
-I Lift Him
-Hallelujah Chant
-What Love Is This
-I Love You Lord
-Glory To God
-Clap Your Hands
-For Who U Are
-Can't Nobody
-It Is Well
"Changed", 2007
Celestial (Gospel) PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer)
-Praying Grandmother
-Ain't It Sad
-Whatever You Need
-What A Mighty God
-Yes Lord
-Prayer Is the Key
-Girl Talk
-Raise Your Head
"New Thang", 2008
Brent Brown (Inspirational Jazz) PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer, Producer)
-New Thang
-Sunday Brunch (Performer)
-Greater Is He
-Throw Back
-Wade In The Water
-Drummer Boy
-My Bossa
-The Medley
-Thank You
-Giant Steps
-Wade (Dance Mix)
"AtLasT", 2010
Elisha "Atlas" Parris (Jazz) PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer, Producer, Performer)
-Playing In the Rain
-Lift Ev'ry Voice
-Rush Hour
-Tell Ya In A Second
-Tell Ya Now
-A Getaway
-The Interlude: Walking Downstairs
-Tune Up
-Beautiful Space
-It's Alright
-Live The Life I Love
-The Bumble Keys

"Praise In The House", 2011
Heart's Desire (Gospel)  PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer, Producer, Performer)
-His Mercy

"Pretty Smile", 2011
Elisha "Atlas" Parris (Jazz) PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer, Producer, Performer)
-Pretty Smile - Single
"Celestial", 2011
Celestial (NeoSoul) PEInc Records
(Engineer, Composer, Producer)
-Lazy Day
-Your Love
-Can't Wait
-I Wanna Getaway
-C'est La Vie
-Raise Your Head


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