After three days of LIVE recording in June at PEInc Underground in Jacksonville, Florida, Urban Jazz Pianist Elisha "Atlas" Parris' new release will be available before he goes on tour in July! 

The LIVE recording, which featured the pianist on a Yamaha Grand Piano, also featured guest musicians Ricardo Brown on flute, Richard Sherrington on trombone, and Terry "Doc" Handy on percussion along with others.  It is a signature blend of Elisha's unique style, combining the straight-ahead jazz class and structure with the rhythmic feel and style of soul music... Urban Jazz!

Elisha is currently still booking dates for his CD release tour in late July.  He will be in Philadelphia, New York, and Columbia!

I'm completely amped about this coming weekend of music! Starting with Thursday night. I'll be MDing singer/songwriter, Celestial's CD release party at Artis(Tree). I produced her latest project and the critics are digging it! The self-titled project is also getting airplay from Florida to Nigeria!

Friday my band, A'JaZe' and I will be celebrating two (2) years of gigging together at Poppy Love Smoke in downtown jax. Poppy was the first club we hit in as a band, so celebrating there is fitting to say the least.

Saturday I'll be on keys as a sideman for the phenomenal sax-man, Scott Rodemacher. We'll be doing the jazz/soul thing in Atlantic Beach at that cool joint called Ocean 60.

So for three (3) days I'll be playing with some very talented friends of mine. If you're in the area, come by and see what we're cooking up musically.  

It's time for Elisha "Atlas" Parris to hit the road again! We got a FULL weekend ahead, too! 

On Friday, we're heading down to Rockledge, Fl. The central florida area musicians are paying tribute to Elisha Parris and the wonderful contributions he's made on the music industry. Now that's TOTALLY cool, isn't it??

Then on Saturday, the band packs up and heads further south to Boca Raton! Where are all of our south Florida fans? Come hang out with us at Club 303 on SE Mizner Blvd! It's Urban Jazz at it's BEST!!

On Sunday, it's back in Jacksonville at The Music Shed! This is an awesome creative space for all musicians of all genres of music at all levels to come together and just jam! Our motto is: Teach a little, Learn a lot! It's really a great experience! Plus...they're throwing a birthday party for Elisha at The Music Shed (Sshh! He doesn't know about it!!) It'd be cool to see all our Jacksonville followers out to help us celebrate the BIG 40!! (Uh, did I say that??)

Anyway...keep in touch!

I really dig playing at Poppy Love Smoke because the room is so very intimate.  There I get the opportunity to be up close and personal with the audience. Though I gig there quite often as a frontman and sideman(with The Double Basses), this past weekend was unique.

One of the happenings that made this an unprecented weekend was that my label buddy, Celestial was on the ticket Friday night. She rocked that space with her sultry soprano voice and intense lyrical content. Her ever evolving sound is.....well....soulful, sexy, & sassy. My band, A'Jaze and I accompanied her. Now that's what's up!

The other band and I performed both Friday and Saturday nights; a first for me at Poppy. I expelled all of my creative energy over those two nights. I feel like the listeners took it all in. I'm spent and I love it, baby! Big ups to my manager, Robin for gettin' it done.

Much Love

-Elisha Atlas

We had a great time at The Tab in Rockledge Saturday. Everything from the candle lit tables to the stage bedecked only with our instruments made the night "hip".

Playing within the context of an urban jazz trio really keeps the band and me musically honest. There are no extra music tracks, loops or BG vocals. Just three cats on the their instruments having a melodic and harmonic conversation that we hope our audience will dig. 

I think they dug it. Urban Jazz in Rockledge, FL....who would of thunk it!

Kudos to Charlotte!

Much Love

Elisha Atlas Parris 

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